Lakeside Walks

Scope to Wander
Scope to wander and enjoy the landscape and the spirit of this place, its cultural heritage and serenity as you amble these lakeside walks.
Natural Habitat
An opportunity to explore in depth aspects of nature all around you.
Aquatic Birds
As you walk along our lakeside walks and streams you are likely to observe a diverse species of birds. Aquatic dwellers such as the Heron, The Moorhen, The Dipper, The Gray Wagtail, The Kingfisher and Mallard are usually regulars.
Still Water Habitat and Fish
A series of lakeside walks provide the visitor with a chance to observe still water habitats that are rich with aquatic life. Wild brown trout are numerous in these lakes and fishing is permitted from the lakeside.
Lakeside Strolls
Passive visitors can sit and relax along the lakeside walks, view and admire the surrounding scenery or partake in short 'round the lakes walks'.
Waterfalls and Bridges
Easy to access, attractively decorated waterfalls, stone and wooden bridges are featured in many areas throughout the Park and along the lakeside walks.

Crannog Island
Crannogs provided a means of protection for farmers and livestock - surrounded by water - in the early medieval period, about 1,700 years ago.
They were traditionally built in an area of shallow water within easy reach of the shore. The Crannog and Lake here in the Park are artificially created, but have been built with traditional materials. Access is provided via a specially constructed wooden bridge.


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