Field Studies Laboratory

The Laboratory
Named after the famous Irish botanist -
Robert Lloyd Praeger this Laboratory Education Centre provides a number of educational aids such as microscopes and other scientific equipment for both indoor and outdoor work. Other aids include a projector, wifi access, and ‘live’ wildife exhibits such as taxidermy, birds nests and tree stumps . Common uses of equipment in this laboratory are investigations of specimens collected through "Pond Dipping", Botanising and Insect Trapping.
Exhibits in the Laboratory
The visitor can identify with many "live" exhibits in the Laboratory, such as Wild Birds Nests, Birds Eggs, Honey-comb, Wild Flowers, Tree Trunks, Pine tree Cones, samples of Peat and many other phenomena peculiar to Moorland, Wetlands and Wooded areas.

Workshops and Lectures
The Laboratory can accommodate up to 50 people per class. Classes and instruction can be arranged throughout the year and are very welcome. As identification and citizen science programmes become ever more popular Millstreet Country Park are very happy to contribute in any way possible to the expanding of knowledge and public access to Ireland’s ecology.

School Groups
The Laboratory is our base of operations for all school tour and ecology programmes coming to the park. Here is the group’s first and last port of call in the park and acts to in still a sense of scientific progress, the wildlife around them and discovery when visiting the park.

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