Historical Trails

  • Famous People in Irish History 1700 - 2000 A.D.
  • The Easter Rising - Dublin 1916.
  • The War of Independence 1918 - 1922.


Famous People Trail (0.60km)
Here in the course of this Historical Trail we are commerating more recent times and events in Irish History and some of the great achievers from an Irish and local point of view. The 'selected few' were chosen purely on a personal evaluation of national and local history and the general popularity of the person commemorated

We trust that you can admire the portraits on view and feel enriched through the achievements of some of our better known ancestral greats and predecessors.


The Easter Rising Trail (0.50km)
This trail provides an introduction to what has become known as the 'Easter Rising', when seven of its leading protagonists took possession of the General Post Office in O'Connell Street, Dublin on Easter Monday - April 24th 1916. They set up headquarters within the building, formed a Provisional Government and issued a Proclamation stating their aims for the people of Ireland, and calling the nation to rise and support their cause.


War of Independence Trail (0.50km) 
The War of Independence was heralded by a big swing to militant parties following an election in December 1918. In the following month (January 1919) a group of 27 elected members of Sinn Fein met in Dublin, where they drew up an Irish Declaration of Independence. A Ministerial cabinet was selected and Eamon deValera was named the first president of the Irish Republic, although in jail at the time. On the same day that this group met in Dublin and formed the first Dail, members of the militant Irish Volunteers (IRA) ambushed a lorry carrying ammunition in Co. Tipperary, killing two policemen. The incident marked the beginning of the War of Independence, and for the next 2½ years the IRA and the British Army were engaged in the 20th Century's first guerrilla war.
The trail relates to the events that occurred in the North Cork area.


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