Ecology Field Trips

Ecology Field Trips

Junior Certificate Ecology and Leaving Certificate Ecology Modules

The Science of Ecology is essential for understanding the impact of anthropogenic activities on the natural world lead by an experienced ecologist, the secondary school ecology field trips offered at Millstreet Country Park cover the following:
• Broad overview of the selected ecosystem. Theory and relevant examples are covered to both junior and leaving certificate standard.
• Review of the importance of abiotic factors and investigate any three abiotic factors present in the selected ecosystem, such as pH, Light intensity, and soil/air temperature.
• Qualitative and Quantitative sampling of coniferous forestland and Herb Rich Meadow flora and fauna utilising the following techniques, Pitfall Traps, Sweep Nets, Pooters, Beating Trays, Quadrats and Line Transects.
• Random and non-random survey techniques utilising line transects and quadrats.
• A Strong emphasis is placed on the techniques of fieldwork and the recording of data.
• Theory of pyramid of numbers, and food web covered for groups who haven’t completed the ecology module in school.
• The content, activities and experiments of both field study modules at Millstreet Country Park are based on the mandatory requirements set out by the Department of Education for Secondary Schools curriculum for Biology Leaving Certificate and Junior Certificate syllabus.


Course Duration:
4.5 Hours (includes a 20minute lunch break).
Student capacity:
The facilities in the Robert Llyod Praeger Laboratory at Millstreet Country Park can facilitate up to 60 students.

Cost: €13 per student

Academic Facilitator:
Ms. Lorna O Mahony is an experienced Ecologist who qualified with an Honors degree in Applied Ecology from University College Cork in 2007 and a Masters in Ecology from University College Cork in 2011.

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