Archaeological Sites

Stone Circle Complex
Radial stone enclosure and stone alignment dating from the Bronze Age. They stand as monuments to some early human activity within the bounds of the Park.

Stone Alignment
Contemplate the community that so long ago, helped shape the landscape and left such durable structures perhaps reflecting their sophisticated intimacy with the living world that can seem so remote to us in the present day.

Remnants of the Ice Age
These Rocks are 'Glacial Erratic's' of Chloritic Red Sandstone left by the flow of ice and rock up to 10,000 years ago. You will note that Lichens of different forms and colours adorn the surface of these dominating boulders. Also known as Epiphytes, clinging precariously to their chosen substrate' they are the fascinating product of a symbiotic relationship between a 'fungi' and an 'algae' . The 'fungi' provides the durable structure of the organism, and the 'algae' manufactures food using sunlight as its energy. Their diversity and extent here is an indicator of pure and fresh air. Twenty three varieties have been identified so far in the park - 'parmelia' being the dominant species on these boulders. Lichens are particularly slow-growing and they can also be found on sandy banks and on older timber and stone fences.


Fullaght Fiadh
The Bronze Age people shrewdly selected a site containing stone, timber and water, all necessary for their cooking process. An interpretive board just across the road from the site explains the working of a Fullaght Fiadh.


Shepherds Hut
Originally presumed to be a stone circle, but further investigation has suggested it is a more recent dwelling place for shepherds. Our Shepards Hut remains undated and although not as ancient as our circle complex it may be of considerable antiquity.


Hedge School Site
The Hedge School was situated on the lee side of the large rock facing you. Travelling teachers could only afford to teach those pupils who could pay! In Penal Times all schools were outlawed .

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